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General Audience Presentations and Publications

TEDx Seminar, Bermuda, October 2012 on the idea of solar fuels produced by thermochemical reactions:

Original powerpoint (without weird errors and with proper acknowledgement of images from the web) is available here.

A "popular press" article on our thermochemical approach to converting solar energy to chemical fuels which appeared in the Caltech publication E and S. While the article, authored one of the staff writers, focuses on transportation fuels, in reality the CO2 emitted by vehicles is difficult to collect. A sustainable scenario is one in which the fuel created by the thermochemical process is used to create electricity when the sun is not shining. The CO2 emitted from this point source can then be recycled when the sun is back.

Presentation to the East Coast Caltech Associates, Nov 14, 2007, "Fuel Cells for a Sustainable Energy Future."

A "popular press" article describing the philosophy and approaches of Caltech's Center for Sustainable Energy Research, which appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of the Caltech publication ENGenious.

Alumni College and Caltech Staff presentations of Sept 14 & 15, 2006 (a combination of the two presentations).

A "popular press" article on our solid acid fuel cells which appeared in the Caltech publication ENGenious.

A more in-depth "popular press" article based on a Watson Lecture delivered by Sossina Haile in January 29, 2003. The article "Swiss Rolls and Oreo Cookies" appeared in the Caltech publication Engineering and Science.

Media Coverage

The new Caltech-based science program "Curious" airs in the fall of 2007 in selected regions and then nationally in 2008. Here is a description of the first two episodes, which include a segment on sustainable energy, in the Pasadena Weekly [leaving this site]

Tom Friedman visits Caltech on Feb 26, 2007, to learn about research in energy science and technology. During his visit to the Haile fuel cell laboratory, he spoke to his wife on a fuel cell powered cell phone.

And here's a video put together by Science and Technology News Network.

Physics Today "Solid Acids Show Potential for Fuel Cell Electrolytes"

Science News "Novel fuel cell gets hot, but not by a lot" (regarding solid acid fuel cells) [leaving this site]

Science Magazine "Newcomer Heats up the Race" (regarding solid acid fuel cells)

"Caltech Researchers Make Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Breakthrough"

Technology Research News (TRN) "Cooler Material Boosts Fuel Cells"

LA Weekly "The Future is Now" (regarding micropower)

PhysicsWeb "Propane Powers Fuel Cells" (regarding micropower)

ScienceNews "Micropower Heats Up"

Science Daily "Mixed Conductor Ceria Proved as Excellent Catalyst for Fuel Cell Anodes"



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