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X-ray Powder Diffractometer

The Haile group operates an X-ray powder diffractometer, a PANalytical X'Pert Pro located in Steele 339, with a wide range of capabilities. As a service to the Caltech community, we generally provide access to this instrument. Users should kindly recognize their access of this equipment as a privilege and not a right.

Some features and capabilities of the instrument are as follows:

  • Rapid data acquisition requiring about 10 minutes for a routine scan.
  • Enclosed high temperature stage for measurements up to 1200C under controlled atmosphere.
  • Capillary sample holder for air-sensitive materials (room temperature evaluation only).
  • Extensive software for data analysis including search-match and Rietveld refinement.
  • Thin film optics have been transferred to the Atwater laboratory.

Access and Usage Policies:

  • All users must undergo X-ray saftey training through Caltech's Safey Office and also be trained in the Haile group regarding proper instrument operating procedures. Access is generally provided to all serious campus users whose research advisors similarly adopt an open access policy. JPL and other off-campus users can be accommodated depending on the circumstances.
  • A training session (60-90 minutes) is offered generally once per month on the first Wednesday of the month at 3pm. Send a message to the diffractometer administrator at to make arrangements. The focus of this training is on the operation of the instrument. This training is not meant to teach students about the principles of X-ray powder diffraction, and the Haile group students are, unfortunately, unable to assist with data analysis. Those unfamiliar with data analysis procedures but in need of performing such analysis are encouraged to enroll in MS 142.
  • The training confirmation form can be downloaded here (coming!). Please note that a default PTA (charge account) is required in order for researchers to become qualified users.
  • Instrument fees are as follows
On-Campus Rate**
Training $30 (one-time)
Standard operation $15/hr
Capillary $30/hr
High temperature stage $100 first hr + $25/hr thereafter
Operator assistance* additional $15/hr to rates listed above
  • The on-line reservation system can be accessed here.
  • *operator assistance is provided at the operator's discretion and may not be available.
  • ** Off-campus rates (including JPL) are double the on-campus rates and users should note all expeditures are charged additional overhead. Off-campus access is provided at the operator's discretion and may not be possible.




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