Energy Science and Technology 199

Special Topics in Energy Science and Technology: Concentrated Solar Power and Fuels

Fall Quarter 2009

Instructor: Prof. Aldo Steinfeld
    205 Steele Laboratories, x5956,
    Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Sossina M. Haile, x2958,

Class Meetings: Week of Oct 5 (only)
    Mon -Thurs, 9-11 lecture, 11-12 exercise

    Location: New Media Classroom
    Lectures will be video recorded and available for online viewing

None required; hand-outs to be provided

Course Structure:

Homework: 30 % (daily)
Final: 70 %

Course Content:

Fundamentals of Solar Concentration

Solar Electricity Generation Technologies

Hybridization & Thermal Storage

Solar Production of Fuels & Materials

Solar Hydrogen – Life Cycle Analysis

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this course, however, introductory level thermodynamics is highly recommended (e.g. ME 18ab).

Lecture Handouts/Presentations

Handouts and problem sets an be found here> (leaving this site)
Lecture 1 (10/5/09)
Lecture 2 (10/6/09)
Lecture 3 (10/7/09)
Lecture 4 (10/8/09)
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