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Grading Policy for MS 115a, Fall '11

Students may take this course either Pass/Fail or for a letter grade

Homework 50%

Problems are assigned on Wednesdays and are due at 5pm on the following Wednesday. Solutions will be handed out on Friday, or possibly Monday. Assignments turned in late, but before solutions are available will receive 2/3 credit. Assignments will not be accepted after solutions are handed out.

Students are encouraged to discuss and work on problems together. In the course of this discussion it is acceptable to make notes, however, do not bring and/or exchange written solutions or attempted solutions you generated prior to the discussion. So, if you’ve worked the problem out and you plan to help a friend, you should know the solution cold.

Do not consult old problem sets, exams or their solutions.

Midterm Homework 15%

In lieu of a midterm exam there will be homework to be performed on an individual basis.  This homework must be completed without collaborative discussion. The problem set will focus primarily on recent lectures, but material from early topics may also be included.  Similar to other homeworks, you will have one week to complete the assignment.  You are permitted to utilize all available resources, with the exception of previous TA-generated solutions, including ones from earlier in the year. You are premitted to refer to your graded assignments from earlier in the year.

Final 35%

The final will be an open-book, take-home exam, 3 hours in length. You are permitted one 20 minute break sometime after the first hour. Further details will be provided at the time of the exam.

The format for the Midterm homework and Final exams as given here are subject to change, with final instructions to be provided at the time of the respective assignment or exam.

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